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Since I mostly play DMP online, and I think that one should be able to play DMP well before going over to Matchplay, I have decided to focus on the DMP until my PR is under 3. I play 20 games each day against XG and I analyze all the games afterwards. I hope to find patterns where I played the wrong, and thereby focus the training on “type of errors” Below are some of today’s games.

Position 1

What is the correct 4 to play?

position 2

Clearly it is correct to hit with the three, but how to play the 2.

Brilliant commentary is given here on this postion.;read=132497

position 3

So we hit with the five, that trivial. With the 2 we can either make our owm 5-point or hit with 6/4*. One of the plays is 10,9 wrong!

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