I played Bar21(2), cleary better is to hit twice on 4 & 11..

Recently, I asked why you do some errors, on the world’s premier forum for backgammon You can read the entire discussion here,;read=131787.

One of the tips was to read the excellent artice of Kit Woolsey “The most common error”,

After reading that like five times I wrote a note to my self to have beside my laptop when playing. I wrote this.

  1. Look for all the moves.
  2. Keep in focus
  3. See alternatives
  4. Search second best move
  5. Have themes in mind
  6. Avoid plays which don’t feel right
  7. Be aware of the best rolls.

So I sat down and played many DMP-games, and after the session I wanted to analyse some of games where my PR was higher than 5. The position above forced me to take a break. I went for a long walk, and realized that the single most important factor was not mentioned on the note I made. SLOW DOWN YOUR PLAY!! I do not think it is possible to achieve all those other 7 things if you not aware slow down on the Tempo. Even if you have found a good play. Take 5-10 seconds more and look for a better play. To be honest I do not know if I will succeed in slowing down, but I think I’ve taken a step forward in my development tonight. Thanks!