difference between poker and backgammon.

I was playing poker full-time for approximately 2 years. The reason I stopped at was that it did not really work with the family. It was difficult to create a work situation at the computer at home with all the work that is required with small children. When I felt I like take up the game again, it felt like backgammon was closer to the heart of since backgammon is a game that requires a lot more for learning and play well. Below are two videos of the two players who inspire me the most. Both indicates that it takes a long time to develop into a good player in backgammon.

my mistakes in DMP (part 1)

Dear Reader!

Since I mostly play DMP online, and I think that one should be able to play DMP well before going over to Matchplay, I have decided to focus on the DMP until my PR is under 3. I play 20 games each day against XG and I analyze all the games afterwards. I hope to find patterns where I played the wrong, and thereby focus the training on “type of errors” Below are some of today’s games.

Position 1

What is the correct 4 to play?

position 2

Clearly it is correct to hit with the three, but how to play the 2.

Brilliant commentary is given here on this postion.


position 3

So we hit with the five, that trivial. With the 2 we can either make our owm 5-point or hit with 6/4*. One of the plays is 10,9 wrong!

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Beer(off) Quiz (Solutions and XGID:S)

Problem 1 Double/Take


Problem 2 Double/Take


Problem 3 Double/Take


Problem 4 Double/Take


Problem 5 Double/Pass


Problem 6 Double/Take


Problem 7 No double/Beaver


Problem 8 Double/Pass


Problem 9 Double/Take


Problem 10 Double/Pass


Problem 11 Double/Take


Problem 12 Double/Take




My friend you need to practice a little, take the time of at least 4 beers and read good articles online. http://www.backgammon-biba.co.uk/Beginners.html


good result!, but there is room for improvement. Reward yourself a six-pack and play with XG. Try to find out what is the difference between different positions by moving one checker one pip up and down.


Very good result! Reward yourself the six-pack tonight and play with XG. To impve even more, here are some suggested readings:




Worldclass! When we meet in the bar at the next tournament,  I pay for your beer!


Hi Stick! I know you cheated 🙂

Beer(off) Quiz (part 1)

dear friends,

Here’s a little quiz on the bearing off, work hard and you be rewarded with at least one cool beer. In all positions you are yellow and must decide whether to double or not, and whether it is take or drop if you double. Due to space limitation here on WordPress, I have to post in two threads.

All problems gives 2+2 points for correct action.

Part two here:


Solutions and all XGID:s here:



  Position 1

  Position 2

  Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

 Position 6


Improve your game!


I played Bar21(2), cleary better is to hit twice on 4 & 11..

Recently, I asked why you do some errors, on the world’s premier forum for backgammon http://www.bgonline.org/forums/. You can read the entire discussion here, http://www.bgonline.org/forums/webbbs_config.pl?noframes;read=131787.

One of the tips was to read the excellent artice of Kit Woolsey “The most common error”,http://www.bkgm.com/articles/GOL/Mar01/over.htm.

After reading that like five times I wrote a note to my self to have beside my laptop when playing. I wrote this.

  1. Look for all the moves.
  2. Keep in focus
  3. See alternatives
  4. Search second best move
  5. Have themes in mind
  6. Avoid plays which don’t feel right
  7. Be aware of the best rolls.

So I sat down and played many DMP-games, and after the session I wanted to analyse some of games where my PR was higher than 5. The position above forced me to take a break. I went for a long walk, and realized that the single most important factor was not mentioned on the note I made. SLOW DOWN YOUR PLAY!! I do not think it is possible to achieve all those other 7 things if you not aware slow down on the Tempo. Even if you have found a good play. Take 5-10 seconds more and look for a better play. To be honest I do not know if I will succeed in slowing down, but I think I’ve taken a step forward in my development tonight. Thanks!




Dear followers,

The next two weeks I will study Dmp, which is what I mostly play online. Dmp is very special because it’s played without a cube.

My plan is to study six hours per day. Monday to Friday and rest on the weekend and spend that time with family. Since gammons completely irrelevant increases the importance of understanding mvc. It’s important to really deeply understand what makes dmp so special.

I’ll try to spend 50% of time to play and analyze 20 games a day. The rest of the time I try to read most of the high quality that is written in books and articles. In addition to the articles I refer to below, I will search through all that Stick and MCG has written about dmp on bgonline.org / forums.

I aim to post interesting postures every day here on my blog.

May all your rolls be jokers!


essential reading